[PyKDE] Is there a SIP tutorial anywhere?

Konrad Anton konrad at minus1.de
Wed Jul 4 09:25:13 BST 2001

Hello all...

In my current project I'd like to wrap the classes of a C++/Qt
application with intensive signal/slot use in Python. SIP seems to be
the only tool covering signal/slot facilities.

Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation in sip-2.4.tar.gz or
google. What comes closest is the use of SIP in the PyQt bindings, but
that's still guessing intensive. 

Does anyone know of a tutorial or manual or whatever on SIP (besides
UseTheSourceLuke;) ?

spoiled-by-the-SWIG-manual-ly y'rs

 Konrad Anton <anton at informatik.uni-freiburg.de>  gpg-keyid: 0x22954D8A
And curiouser! 

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