[PyKDE] Why is Simon's libqtc.dll so small?

Markus Gritsch gritsch at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Jul 2 21:58:15 BST 2001


Simon, thank you so much for the precompiled 'libqtc.dll'.  After getting
'qt.py' from PyQt 2.4 it worked out of the box.

Comparing your 'libqtc.dll' to the binary release of PyQt 2.2, I wonder how
it could be so small.  It seems, that 'libqtc.dll' contains everything
needed and is only about 2.65 MB in size.  PyQt 2.2 had three separate DLLs,
namely Qt itself ('qt221.dll' 2.62 MB), the Python bindings ('libqtc.pyd'
3.46 MB), and sip ('sip.dll' 48 kB), which sums up to 6.12 MB total.

Is libqtc.dll a compressed DLL?  Because it appears to me, that although it
is much smaller in size, it takes twice as long to start a PyQt program on
my slow P200 than with the PyQt 2.2 binary release.


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