[PyKDE] PyKDE - Is there any more being done on it?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 31 19:43:15 GMT 2001

Matt Gerassimoff wrote:
> Hey,
> After all the discussion about binary releases and such.  I forgot the
> $20000 question - Is PyKDE being updated?  There are alot of new classes
> and modules.  I would like to write some applets for kicker, kwin,
> kcontrol, etc.  I would also like to use KParts and some of the other nice
> new features of KDE 2.X.  Is there a time table?  Are you stopping support
> of it?

I think I answered this in a previous reply. The problem at the moment
is time. I'm happy for somebody else to pick it up if they want to.
There is one SIP issue that probably needs fixing first - but maybe not
if KDE1 support is dropped (which would be sensible).


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