[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Dan Parisien dan at eevolved.com
Wed Jan 31 17:03:45 GMT 2001

> > True but that won't change if they aren't exposed to free software. I was
> > telling my stepfather about Linux (he uses Windows), and the comment I
> > got was "how do you MAKE people write software for free? Someone has to
> > pay for it". It's a popular misconception in the Windows space. 

> Your stepfather is right - somebody does have to pay for it - the
> author.

Ouch. I really don't agree on that point. They only have to pay if they are 
forced to by proprietary software licensing practices. There are many free 
software business models with which you could have made just as substantial 
revenu as with a closed, proprietary model.

I'm disapointed that I am forced to pay for a product that, under all 
appearances, was free (because I started developing my software 3 months 
ago). Changing graphics toolkits would cost me more in time (and rent :) than 
a Business Edition Black Addr license.

dan at eevolved.com

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