[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: BlackAdder for Python/Qt Development

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 11 11:29:33 GMT 2001

Henning Schroeder wrote:
> Hi Phil!
> > Q3. How will BlackAdder be shipped?
> > Both CD-ROM and download, whichever is convenient to you. The Windows
> > component of BlackAdder is likely to be around 20M.
> What about *printed* manuals?

No - just too expensive to reproduce, although I much prefer paper
myself to this new fangled HTML stuff.

> > Q4. Is there a demo version?
> > Not at the moment. We are open to suggestions as to what functionality a
> > demo version might include so that you can evaluate it properly without
> > jeopardizing our revenues.
> I only want a demo for testing. So some limitations (lines of code, numbers of
> widgets, time to use, etc) are ok. But from the screenshots nobody can guess
> how good everything is integerated and how useable/userfriendly it is.

If we can produce a demo version easily enough we will do. It's a
balance between programmer time spent on marketing issues and programmer
time spent on improving the real product. The easiest thing to do not
allow anything to be saved.

> Mainly I am interested in the editor. It should behave like python-mode in
> emacs (indention, paren higlighting, key bindings). This will be important
> for a lot of serious developers.

Without giving too many details away about the internals :) if you look
at www.scintilla.org you will get a good idea of the capabilities of the
built in editor.

> Besides I would like to see
> auto-completition and a simple class-browser (like speedbar in emacs).
> And please say that you are not using the kwrite widget. This one is
> really bad.

Auto-completion may make it into the first full release (it won't be in
the first beta) as the editor already has that capability. A class
browser will probably wait until v1.1, although it will be a simple
extension to the project explorer. I am not using kwrite.


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