[PyKDE] sip-3.0 complains about not finding qt.sip

Ewald R. de Wit erdewit at zonnet.nl
Thu Dec 27 12:19:11 GMT 2001

Jon (jjhome at fire-bug.co.uk) wrote:

> I have installed PyQt-3.0 and sip-3.0, both compiled with no errors.
> But I get errors using a sip file that built ok on previous versions. SIP 
> complains about not finding qt.sip (where my sip file has %Import qt.sip).
> There is no qt.sip in the PyQt sip directory. Has something changed in 
> version 3 ? and if so, what do I put in place of %Import qt.sip.

Yes, I had that too... changing "%Import qt.sip" to "%Import qtmod.sip"
fixed it although I'm not sure if that's the official way to do it.

  --  Ewald

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