[PyKDE] Window captions on MS Windows

Doug Bell doug101 at xecu.net
Thu Aug 30 02:31:53 BST 2001

Some of you have certainly noticed the "[Freeware]" that is added to
all window captions when using PyQt with the Qt non-commercial edition
for Windows.  It is troublesome because it is appended before the
caption that you assign, so that the real caption is not seen at all
on small dialog boxes and taskbar entries.

I have discovered that the "[Freeware]" addition does not appear if
the string "Qt" appears somewhere in the assigned caption (strange,
huh?).  So an acknowledgement of Qt can be put later in the caption,
leaving a more descriptive title visible when windows and dialogs are

Please note that I'm not trying to thwart license restrictions - my
programs are still clearly labelled as non-commercial.  But now users
can see a meaningful title on some small dialog boxes.


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