Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 11 18:08:32 BST 2001

SIP, PyQt and PyKDE v2.5 are now ready for download. The actual file
locations have changed with this release so it's best to follow the
links on the web site.

Highlights of the release include...

- Support for the non-commercial edition of Qt under Windows. Once again
I am able to provide PyQt binaries for Windows.

- The addition of the qtgl module that supports the Qt OpenGL classes
(and check the new gears.py example script).

- The addition of the Qt QDom XML classes.

- Lots of other small enhancements and the odd bug fix.

In previous releases there was one source package that supported all Qt
versions. Starting from this release different source packages are
provided for different Qt versions.

For those using SIP to wrap your own classes, it now supports namespaces
and nested classes. There are some incompatabilities from v2.4.


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