[PyKDE] Minor changes for Qt 2.1.0 and QGroupBox

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat May 27 14:54:13 BST 2000

Pete Ware wrote:
> I added the symbol QT_21x as Qt 2.1.0 added some member functions.  I
> also made the updates for qgroupbox's new member functions:
>         columns(), setColumns(), orientation(), setOrientation(),addSpace()
> It seemed like QT_21x should be a "Secondary" symbol.  I took that to mean
> that the Primary symbol has to be defined and the secondary is a check
> within that.
> --pete

Not really, but your interpretation works for what you are doing. This
whole thing is broken and is what I need to re-work for KDE2 support.
For example, you need to relate the version in one module (eg KDE) with
those in another (eg Qt).


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