[PyKDE] Qt Architect now uses XML :-)

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Wed May 17 21:26:32 BST 2000

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Henning Schroeder wrote:

> Hi!
> FYI: I just saw on freshmeat that Qt Architect now uses XML as its
> native file-format. Writing a Python code-generator should be
> now much easier :-) Any volunteers?

Oh frabjous day! Oh joy for all its former woes a thousand fold repaid!
Whoops! I've spent a significant amount of time in the previous two months
or so trying to write either a parser for the C++ files QtArchitect
generates, or a parser for the inane save-file format it used.

Finally I gave up and started to sketch out a gui designer in Python
that could save in XML. If the xml-files contain enough information,
writing a simple conversion script should be easy. I'm going to look
into it this week - if time permits...

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