[PyKDE] Newbie pyQt user needs some slot help

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu May 4 19:37:42 BST 2000

Pete Ware wrote:
> Phil Thompson <phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk> writes:
> > That's not as necessary as it used to be before v0.11.  The bindings now
> > know that a QObject is responsible for deleting its children and so
> > Python doesn't do it when the Python object is deleted.
> Cool!  I was also worried I was getting some circular references so
> that should minimize them.
> > The bindings can't tell what you intended, but they could include the
> > number of arguments successfully parsed.  For example if a class had the
> > following C++ functions...
> >
> >       void foo(int,QObject *,QColor *)
> >       void foo(int,QRect *,QWidget *)
> >
> > ...and you called...
> >
> >       foo(int,QRect *,QColor *)
> Would it be possible to actually print that out?
> "Wrong argument type:
>  You called:
>         foo(int,QRect,QColor)
>  when only the following are supported:
>         foo(int,QObject, QColor)
>         foo(int,QRect, QWidget)"
> I'd guess in the 2nd half, sip could handle that as just a standard
> message/string for each function.  That might also have general
> usefulness as some simple documentation.
> The first half you'd have to actually have code looping through the
> arguments and printing out their type -- which I don't know how
> difficult and error prone that would be.  On the plus side, it
> wouldn't represent any runtime overhead since the code would only
> execute when the wrong argument types are passed.

Shouldn't be that difficult - just loads of extra strings, but it could
be a configuration option when you build the bindings.


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