[PyKDE] KDE2 bindings

Per Wigren poebblo at tjohoo.se
Tue May 2 21:27:33 BST 2000

I've come to the conclusion that I can't make the bindings right now.
My C++ is too bad to make %Membercode, %C++Code etc..
My time is also to small to be able to learn it better. And SIP has NO 
BUT, if someone else make the basic bindings (to make it work with the simple 
stuff) I will gladly help to port most of the new stuff, like kparts, kio, 
kstyle etc... I just have to have something working that I can use to test 
the stuff I implement....

BTW, kde2 uses subclasses and templates all over the places... 

I've discovered SIP now so in the meantime I'll look for some other 
(smaller/easier) C++ libs to make bindings for... ;-)

Per Wigren

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