[PyKDE] Using some ISO-8859-1 characters with PyQt

Ted Parnefors ted at mtv.se
Tue Dec 19 22:18:02 GMT 2000

I have some problems with using swedish character in Qt widgets when I'm
using PyQt.
Doing the following:
	mystring = str(QString("åäö"))
Gives me the following error:
	UnicodeError: ASCII encoding error: ordinal not in range(128)

However I have no problems doing QString("åäö") and no problems doing
How would I go about to do the conversion in between?

 Ted Parnefors <ted at mtv.se>, KeyID 0x6627DEE4
 PGP Fingerprint 1C39FA94703EB54A011CF18932018E256627DEE4

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