[PyKDE] Python Unicode Objects and Qt Unicode strings

dan dan at eevolved.com
Sat Dec 16 23:10:09 GMT 2000

> Would it be a good idea to have QString
> return UTF8 encoded text when converted with unicode()? Or perhaps,
> but I don't know whether that is possible, make QString work with
> the codec options of unicode().

This doesn't work, but it may be a step in the right direction (I bet you've 
tried this)
QString has a method called utf8()
if I use your code to print out the python unicode string, then print out the 
QString using its method utf8() I get identical output
print psu.encode('utf-8')
print qsu.utf8()

same (gross :) output

I'm interested in the solution to this problem (because any second I'll be 
using unicode in my project too)

good luck (and, if possible, keep me informed)

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