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Benjamin SAUTHIER benjamin.sauthier at worldonline.fr
Sat Dec 2 13:11:49 GMT 2000

I'm using PyQt 2.2 with Qt 2.2.1 on SGI

Concerning the use of PyQt I'm totally satisfied. I found it easy to program and
fast in use. But still I wanted to give out info on some few bugs.

I'm using a lot pyuic, which saves me much time.
concerning possible "bugs" for pyuic I found
I have to write in designer \' instead of ' so not to interpret this caracter
QWhatsthis is not properly translated. pyuic writes widget instead of
self.widget in the functionQWhatsthis call
In use the  Whatsthis? call (trough SHIFT-F1 if think) makes the program abort.

I tried to build custom widget with custom slots. and I
found it work well with pyuic if I do the 2 following things after launching
pyuic so to make it work
- add the "from CustomWidget import *" in the py file
- change the syntax for connections, SLOT('fn()') becomes CustomWidget.fn (a python slot)

I wanted to know concerning these remarks if they wer "bugs" or not yet
implemented functions, or if there is a good way to do it (make a fake C++ header ... for my widget)

Anyway, I really enjoy using the combination of Python (easier than C++) and Qt
(easy, great, well documented).


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