[PyKDE] SIP questions

Per Wigren poebblo at tjohoo.se
Sun Apr 30 03:43:45 BST 2000

> > Is this because Sip doesn't support subclasses or is it the KURL> thingy?
> SIP doesn't support sub-classes.  It looks like it might need to.

Yes. Can I still create the sipfiles with that syntax? Will that syntax be used when it supports subclasses?

Does Sip support the Class<THING> stuff? That is seen all over the KDE2 headers... But I can't find it in the pykde 0.11.1 sipfiles... I think that is "templates" but I do not know exactly how templates work in C++....

How do I determine when I need some create some special %Membercode? In what cases is that needed?

I'm at my parents house with my girlfriend this weekend so I'm 300+ km away from my computer, but I will continue with the rest when I get back on tuesday.. And I have a hard time explaining to my girlfriend what kind of mail I have to write 03:30 in the morning after coming home from the pub... ;-)

Per Wigren

Gratis epost med TJOHOO

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