[PyKDE] Newbie pyQt user needs some slot help

Matthew Flower mattflower at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 06:40:02 BST 2000

Hi folks,

I am having a little bit of trouble and perhaps someone is listening out in radio land.  In a
larger python application I am developing, I have a button that tries to bring up a popup menu. 
(Much in the same way that a "Start" button in windows brings up the start menu.

The problem is that I can't seem to get the exec_loop() slot to work.  My push button will make
other slots fire (such as the quit() signal for the application), but it won't pop up the menu.  I
have played with the QObject.Connect statement a lot, but I haven't found a way that it will work.
 (It does work okay if I just call pm.exec_loop())

I transcribed some sample code below:

from qt import *
import sys

App = QApplication(sys.argv)
widg = QWidget()
but = QPushButton("Button", widg)
pm = QPopupMenu()

pm.insertItem("First Item")
pm.insertItem("Second Item")

QObject.connect(but, SIGNAL("clicked()"), pm, SLOT("exec_loop()"))


Thanks for all your help in advance.

-Matt  (MattFlower at yahoo.com)

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