Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 21:55:25 BST 2000

Per Wigren wrote:
> Hi!
> Now that kdelibs and kdebase are frozen and no API changes or even changes
> that make the libs binary incompatible are allowed, when can we expect Python
> bindings?  It would be really cool if they are out and stable when KDE v2.0
> is released!
> Regards,
> Per Wigren

Depends on your expectations.  I think (but I might be wrong) that it
will be fairly easy to make the changes necessary to the KDE widgets
that are already implemented.  In other words the relevant parts of the
current PyKDE classes - so current scripts will then work with KDE2.

I will try and do this to coincide with the release of KDE2.

Implementing the new KDE2 classes (so you can use all the nice new stuff
from Python) will take more time.  I'm not going to do this in one go. 
I did that for Qt v2.0 (it took 3 long days) but KDE2 is more complex
and the documentation (in comparison) is awful.


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