[PyKDE] QTextBrowser & QMimeSourceFactory

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 4 00:11:58 BST 2000

Pete Ware wrote:
> >
> > The call to mimeSourceFactory().data() is what is failing inside the
> > second setSource(), and this failing is caused by the first setSource().
> >
> > Looking at the comments in the Qt documentation for
> > QMimeSourceFactory::data() I'd guess that this is just the way it works
> > and not a PyQt problem.
> >
> > Phil
> Hmm, I don't quite agree but I could easily be misunderstanding.  The
> mimeSourceFactory() should be providing a partial map between "href"'s
> and the source.  Here is the same example, but shortened.  Looking at
> the qt code, I don't see why doing a "setSource()" should change what
> "data()" returns.  Even looking at QMimeSourceFactoryData it seems
> that the "last" member data keeps leaks from happening.

The way to tell is probably to write the C++ version of your script and
see if the same thing happens.


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