SIP v4.19.11 Released

2 July 2018

SIP v4.19.11 has been released. This is a minor functional release.

These are the cumulative changes since v4.19.8.

  • Added the /ScopesStripped/ argument annotation.
  • The members of traditional C/C++ enums are now also visible within the scope of the enum itself. This means that members of scoped and unscoped enums can be accessed in the same way from Python.
  • A PEP 376 .dist-info directory is created on installation that provides version information for dependent packages and allows pip to uninstall.
  • Added the --no-dist-info option to
  • Private copies of the sip module are now easier to configure and use. SIP v5 will only support private copies.
  • Added the -n option to the sip code generator to support private copies of the sip module.