PyQt v5.7.1, SIP v4.19 and Everything Else Released

29 December 2016

New releases of SIP and all Python bindings packages (including the new PyQt3D package) are now available. Wheels are available (except for PyQt4) from PyPI for Python v3.5 and v3.6.

Apart from support for Qt v5.7.1 and the usual bug fixes the main purpose of the release is to change the internal architecture of the bindings to:

  • eliminate binary dependencies between packages
  • only use the limited ABI as defined in PEP 384.

These changes will make future releases much easier to do. For example adding support for Python v3.6 only required the creation of SIP wheels for v3.6.

Commercial users also get the ability to create their own licensed wheels from downloadable unlicensed wheels. Therefore commercial users no longer need to build PyQt from source.

Individual package highlights are described below.


  • added the assign() function to the sip module
  • added support for the final keyword
  • added the use_limited_api argument to the %Module directive
  • added the %HideNamespace directive.


  • added the QtWebEngine module
  • added QRegion.setRects()
  • added QtMac to the QtMacExtras module
  • added support for QChartView and QWebEngineView to pyuic5.

The initial release comprising the Qt3DCore, Qt3DExtras, Qt3DInput, Qt3DLogic and Qt3DRender modules.

No user visible changes.

No user visible changes.

No user visible changes.


  • added the .api file for Python v3.6.

No user visible changes.