QScintilla v2.11 Released

10 February 2019

QScintilla v2.11 has been released. This is based on Scintilla v3.10.1.

  • Added setCaretLineFrameWidth() to QsciScintilla.
  • The findFirst() and findFirstInSelection() methods of QsciScintilla now support Cxx11 regular expressions.
  • Added cancelFind() to QsciScintilla.
  • Added GradientIndicator and CentreGradientIndicator to QsciScintilla::IndicatorStyle.
  • Added WrapIndentDeeplyIndented to QsciScintilla::WrapIndentMode.
  • Added ReverseLines to QsciCommand::Command.
  • Added the AddingPatchAdded, RemovingPatchAdded, AddingPatchRemoved and RemovingPatchRemoved styles to QsciLexerDiff.
  • Added the DoubleQuotedFString, SingleQuotedFString, TripleSingleQuotedFString and TripleDoubleQuotedFString styles to QsciLexerPython.
  • Deprecated QsciLexer::styleBitsNeeded().