pyqtdeploy v2.4 Released

22 March 2019

pyqtdeploy v2.4 has been released. This adds support for 64-bit Android as a target architecture. Support has been added for all the latest versions of supported components (Python, PyQt etc.).

  • Added android-64 as a target architecture.
  • Added support for Python v2.7.16, v3.4.10, v3.5.7, v3.6.8 and v3.7.2.
  • Added support for PyQt5.QtRemoteObjects.
  • Added support for PyQtWebEngine as an add-on package.
  • Added support for Android NDK r19.
  • Added android_ndk_version, android_sdk_version, android_toolchain_cc, android_toolchain_cflags and verify_source() to the sysroot API.