pyqtdeploy v1.3 Released

14 June 2016

pyqtdeploy v1.3 has been released. This includes a number of functional enhancements and support for the latest versions of Qt and PyQt.

  • The Build tab can now specify a timeout for build processes to override the default of 30 seconds.
  • The Standard Library tab now has a checkbox to specify that sub-packages should be automatically selected.
  • Added the --android-api command line option to pyqtdeploycli to specify the Android API level to use when configuring the Python package. The default API level is extracted from the ANDROID_NDK_PLATFORM environment variable. If that is not set then 9 is used.
  • Added support for PyQt v5.6.
  • Added support for Qt v5.6.0.
  • The experimental script has been re-written and documented.