PyQt v5.11.2 Released

2 July 2018

PyQt v5.11.2 has been released. This is a major functional release. There are corresponding releases of PyQt3D, PyQtChart, PyQtDataVisualization and PyQtPurchasing.

These are the cumulative changes since v5.10.1.

  • Added support for Qt v5.11.0 and v5.11.1.
  • Added support for Python v3.7.
  • Enum members are also visible as attributes of the enum in order to emulate the behaviour of Python enums. The traditional use, where a member is visible at the same scope as the enum, is deprecated but will be supported throughout the life of PyQt5.
  • Versions of Python earlier than v3.4 require the enum34 package to be installed from PyPI.
  • The connect() method of a bound signal now returns a QMetaObject.Connection object that can be passed to the disconnect() method.
  • Added the signatures attribute to unbound signals.
  • Added QtCore.Q_ENUM() and QtCore.Q_FLAG().
  • Python enums can now be used with Q_ENUM() etc.
  • Added the missing QGuiApplication.inputMethod() method.
  • Added the missing QGuiApplication.styleHints() method.
  • Added the missing QSqlQuery.exec() overload for Python v3.
  • Added glReadPixels().
  • A PEP 376 .dist-info directory is created on installation that provides version information for dependent packages and allows pip to uninstall.
  • Added the --no-dist-info option to